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Analyzing Blockchain Transactions and Monitoring Digital Assets in Real-Time

Cryptolight enables intuitive transaction tracking of wallets and digital assets, calculation of tax amounts, transaction fraud detection, wallet samples analysis and blockchain related company audits.

Tax Accountants
Financial Institutions
Judges / Lawyers

Are you an accountant or CPA?

Create holistic tax reports for your customers' cryptocurrency portfolios according to current tax laws. Verified by our Partner Flick Gocke Schaumburg

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Why Cryptolight?

Based on a self-hosted deep tech infrastructure, we can provide primary blockchain data, enabling a trustful and verified identification and analysis of digital assets

Smart Contracts

Tracing automated transaction protocols and their respective interactions.

Digital Assets

Identifying a wide range of web3 assets e.g. NFTs.


Understand and trace decentralized organisations' structures and interactions.

Single Chain

Monitor transactions based on a dedicated blockchain.


Transaction tracking of decentralized exchanges.


Tracing mining activities.


Monitoring proof-of-stake processes.

Cross Chain

Analyse multi-chain interactions.

Intuitive. Fast. Secure. Easy.

Simply provide a transaction hash or digital wallet address to receive a user-friendly listing of transactions in real-time.

Verified Information
Time Saving Process
Comprehensible Data Preparation
Efficient Analysis
Our Customers

One Software - Many opportunities

Tax Accountants

Digital asset taxation according to state-of-the-art law.

Blockchain transaction listing and audit compliant reports of wallet data/digital assets.

Governmental Institutions

Experience an audit friendly software, that provides tailored information to auditors.

Real-Time tracking of tax relevant trading actions.


Auditing companies' digital asset-handling without the need of additional tools.

Experience an audit friendly software, that provides tailored information to auditors.

Lawyers, Judges, Court-Related Professions

Use our software solutions for forensic and fraud detection purposes.

Identify suspicious behavior by tracing transaction and entities across multiple blockchains.

Complex blockchain information presented in an understandable way with Cryptolight.

You want to integrate Cryptolight services into your framework or software?

Get to know the Cryptolight API services.

BNB Chain

Get access to a wide range of data, such as token, wallet, or trading information. With Cryptolight, you get an extensive network of self-hosted blockchain fullnodes as a data source, ensuring integrity, correctness and real-time delivery of all displayed data.

We also provide customized fullnode solutions on demand.

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Our Team

We are the three co-founders of Cryptolight, Stefan, Markus and Nina. We have been working with blockchain technology for many years and strive to simplify access to this complex topic.

Dr. Stefan Gradl
Dr. Maximilian Freyenfeld
Markus Wirth

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Get to know us

After many years of being passionate blockchain enthusiasts ourselves, we founded Cryptolight in June 2022 to work full-time in the blockchain space. With our long personal history there, we know the space inside-out. Our dedication to improve Cryptolight's offerings and services also makes us very open-minded to collaborations with industry partners.