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Next Level Web3 Engineering

We unleash the potential of web3 by empowering access and utilization of blockchain & AI technology made and hosted in Germany.

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Blockchain Forensics & Consulting
Integration of Bitcoin Payment Systems
Real-Time Blockchain Access
Software Development
Customized Integrations
AI Analytics

Our Products

CryptoCore API

With CryptoCore, we provide users with a streamlined and efficient solution for accessing and leveraging preprocessed blockchain data. Our API eliminates the complexities of raw blockchain information, delivering meaningful and actionable insights that enable users to make informed decisions and develop advanced applications

Blockchain DataLake

Using the Blockchain DataLake, clients can unlock unprecedented insights, empowering them to make informed decisions, drive innovation, and gain a competitive edge in the ever-evolving blockchain ecosystem.

CMX - Web3 Tax Consulting

Presenting Consultomatix (CMX), where tax consultants can experience unparalleled efficiency and productivity in client management. Our intelligent app combines advanced technology with seamless user experience, empowering tax consultants to streamline their workflows, organize client information effectively, and deliver exceptional services. From client onboarding to data management and compliance tracking, Consultomatix offers a comprehensive suite of features tailored to the unique needs of tax professionals.

Customized Web3 Solutions

Introducing our flagship offering, Customized Web3 Solutions, where we harness the power of blockchain technology to deliver tailor-made solutions for your specific business needs. With our expertise in web3 engineering, we provide a comprehensive suite of services that encompass ideation, development, deployment, and maintenance of blockchain-based applications.Our team of seasoned professionals collaborates closely with clients to understand their requirements, allowing us to design and build custom web3 solutions that optimize efficiency, security, and scalability.

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Why Cryptolight?

Based on a self-hosted deep tech infrastructure, we can provide primary blockchain data, enabling a trustful and verified identification and analysis of digital assets

Smart Contracts

Tracing automated transaction protocols and their respective interactions.

Digital Assets

Identifying a wide range of web3 assets e.g. NFTs.


Understand and trace decentralized organisations' structures and interactions.

Single Chain

Monitor transactions based on a dedicated blockchain.


Transaction tracking of decentralized exchanges.


Tracing mining activities.


Monitoring proof-of-stake processes.

Cross Chain

Analyse multi-chain interactions.

Intuitive. Fast. Secure. Easy.

Complex blockchain information presented in an understandable way with Cryptolight.

Verified Information
Time Saving Process
Comprehensible Data Preparation
Efficient Analysis

Use Cases

Tax Accountants

Digital asset taxation according to state-of-the-art law.

Blockchain transaction listing and audit compliant reports of wallet data/digital assets.

Governmental Institutions

Experience an audit friendly software, that provides tailored information to auditors.

Real-Time tracking of tax relevant trading actions.


Auditing companies' digital asset-handling without the need of additional tools.

Experience an audit friendly software, that provides tailored information to auditors.

Lawyers, Judges, Court-Related Professions

Use our software solutions for forensic and fraud detection purposes.

Identify suspicious behavior by tracing transaction and entities across multiple blockchains.

Customized Solutions

You want to integrate Cryptolight services into your framework or software?

Get to know the Cryptolight API services.

BNB Chain

Get access to a wide range of data, such as token, wallet, or trading information. With Cryptolight, you get an extensive network of self-hosted blockchain fullnodes as a data source, ensuring integrity, correctness and real-time delivery of all displayed data.

We also provide customized fullnode solutions on demand.

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Our Team

We are the three executive partners of Cryptolight, Stefan, Maximilian, and Markus. We have been working with blockchain technology for many years and strive to simplify access to this complex topic.

Dr. Stefan Gradl
Prof. Dr. Maximilian Freyenfeld
Markus Wirth

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Get to know us

After many years of being passionate blockchain enthusiasts ourselves, we founded Cryptolight in June 2022 to work full-time in the blockchain space. With our long personal history there, we know the space inside-out. Our dedication to improve Cryptolight's offerings and services also makes us very open-minded to collaborations with industry partners.