Cryptolight is primarily a software development company that focuses on providing an effortless solution for businesses that need or want to work with blockchains but don’t know where to start, how to get to know the space, and how they can provide blockchain support for their own customers. An example is the tax consultant who needs to advise his clients in taxation matters and doesn’t know how to figure out the actual fiat values of all blockchain transactions their client had, doesn’t know about smart contracts and how to read them and how to calculate fiat gains for continuous liquidity staking pools. We provide the software to calculate such values, the API services to connect your own interface to it, and the consultation to either teach you about everything blockchain you need to know to start offering services or
to simply teach your employees in awareness.

We are happy to come visit your company virtually or physically and give you an extensive overview of the solutions we offer.


The Lighthouse software is our flagship product, offering an extensive but easy-to-use interface solution to explore, navigate, translate, learn, and understand public financial blockchains like the Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Solana, or Cosmos chains.
It doesn’t matter if you are a tax lawyer, accountant, financial adviser, or government official who needs to work with blockchain data, our software provides an adaptive interface to allow you to easily perform your actual task, without the hassle of knowing any technical details of the individual blockchains.
The software will teach you what you need to know on the fly and the rest is just as easy as looking through regular bank account statements.


Our Lighthouse product uses an extensive network of self-hosted blockchain fullnodes as data source, so that we can guarantee the integrity, correctness and real-time provisioning of all the data that is displayed. This network is also available for other businesses in an extensive REST API.
If you need to work with always up-to-date blockchain data in real-time, but don’t want to or can’t jump through all the loops to run your own fullnode-network, this might be interesting for you.


In addition to our technical software products, we deeply understand blockchain technology and know about the difficulties newcomers face in the blockchain and web3 world. We offer you a ray of light with our consulting and teaching services. No matter whether you have no clue at all about what Bitcoin even is and how it works, or whether you are your company’s crypto wallet technician or ledger custodian, we offer online and offline courses and consultation about everything from crypto 101 to specialised topics like custodial OpSec and InfoSec best practices.